Toilet Bowl Soup, Who Gives A Sh*t!

In May 2007 I released a little book entitled “Toilet Bowl Soup: Redneck Tales from the Armpit of America”. It was a nightmare of a publication, full of grammar and spelling errors, yet somehow the fucking beast rose up and made me just enough money to become a drug addict and a recluse… Most days and nights were spent amped up on amphetamine salts, Mt. Dew, chocolate bars, and beer, doing nothing but writing for hours on end like it was my goddamn job…and from that blissful horror comes my latest effort entitled “Toilet Bowl Soup: The Holy Sh*t”, which was released in April 2011.

Last year I traded in my amphetamine psychosis for clean living and checked into a rehab center in Evansville, Indiana. Nothing in this world could possibly be worse than trying to get clean while surrounded by junkies and whores who keep vomiting up soup and fruit cocktail. NOTHING!

Since then I have been doing my best to get myself back into the game. I did finally manage to release my book,  The Holy Sh*t after countless delays and set backs. I mean you can’t fucking imagine how difficult it is to organize a project after having some nominal success with a previous book. With the first book some people were anxious to help me without expecting much at all in return. When I began calling on people to help put together The Holy Sh*t all of that changed. Everyone wanted money…lots of fucking money! Some money I had, but not the kind of cash to pay what most of these dead beats wanted. So I told them all to go fuck themselves. I didn’t use any outside help with the new book with the exception of my friend Kat Mykals in the editing department. That’s it…


Ok, I’m back…I guess the tornado gods have decided to spare us for the night. Not for nothing though. As I type this out there is a nervous child in the bath tub and her mom is sitting in the hallway glaring at me because I can connect to the internet and she can’t.

I am extremely proud of Toilet Bowl Soup: The Holy Sh*t. The book is a far stretch from my last and I believe that to be a good thing. It’s an honest and solid effort, and I nearly gave my life to create the motherfucker. It’s funny how after a few years even some of my most loyal followers have lost interest in their new superfukintalented redneck hero. I guess that is to be expected. Out of sight…out of mind. It’s hard not to take that shit personally sometimes, but I’m working to reinstate the giant madness that had the ugly fucking in the streets and the beautiful people looking for the kill switch.

Read The Holy Sh*t!


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