Mike Adams – Frequently Asked Questions

Mike Adams at the Mackey Tavern

Mike Adams at the Mackey Tavern

FAQ – Check below for answers to common questions.

Q: What happened to your book, Toilet Bowl Soup: Redneck Tales from the Armpit of America? I can’t find it anywhere.

A: That book is no longer in print. There is a possibility that we will be releasing a new edition of it later this year.

Q: How can I find out if you’re going to be doing any book signings or appearances?

A: Any book signings or other events will be posted on my Facebook page.

Q: Do you teach any courses or seminars?

A: No. Any seminar that I am likely to give on the subject of writing would likely last about five minutes. I would probably say something like “First thing, there isn’t a single goddamn person in this room who can write worth a damn…including myself. So, just accept the fact that all us suck. Now, if you’re still willing to die for it even though you, as well as the shit you write, are vomit then you’ve got just as much of a chance to sell a book as the rest of the hacks out there…Later.”

Q: Have any of the stories in Toilet Bowl Soup been considered for movies?

A: Not really. There were some things being thrown around by some of the other filmmakers working on the set of Steve Balderson’s film “Watch Out”, but as with most things like that they very seldom come to pass. It’s not their fault, but so many films do not get made because it is extremely hard to find the financial support needed to see one from start to finish. I have been writing the screenplay for Toilet Bowl Soup, but it’s not one of my highest priorities.

Q: What are your 5 favorite books and why?

A: If you’re reading everyone else’s shit, you’re not writing your own.

Q: Favorite films?

A: I have a tendency to watch films in the very same way that I listen to music. Some people use film and music to change or alter their mood. I believe I use both of them to enhance my current mood or emotional state. My favorite films would include “Wild at Heart” by David Lynch, “A Clockwork Orange” by Stanley Kubrick, “Natural Born Killers” by Oliver Stone, “The Big Lebowski” by The Cohen Brothers, “What Dreams May Come” by Vincent Ward, “Firecracker” by Steve Balderson, “The Darjeeling Limited” by Wes Anderson. Really there are so many I couldn’t possibly name them all. I can tell you that I have enjoyed nearly every film by Woody Allen, David Lynch, and Stanley Kubrick.

Q: Favorite music?

A: I’m a music snob. Most new music makes me fucking puke. I like my metal heavy. I like Mike Patton; some of my favorite bands of his being Faith No More, Fantomas, and Mr. Bungle. I never grow tired of listening to The Doors, Pink Floyd, Blind Melon (Shannon Hoon forever!) Pantera, Hank Williams Jr., Down… Once again depending on my mood I’ll listen to everything from Frank Sinatra to Richard Wagner.

Q: Why did you become a writer?

A: I’m still trying to figure out the answer to that question myself. I don’t think we become writers. The shit we write either appeals to someone or it doesn’t. I might decide to become an auto mechanic tomorrow, even though I don’t know a goddamn thing about the trade. Sound ludicrous? It’s really the same thing.

Q: What is your favorite beer?

A: I used to be a die hard Busch Light drinker…But the fucking Belgians changed something with the recipe. So these days I’m a Coors Light man.

Q: Where do you get your ideas?

A: From my life… I’m not the type of guy who attempts to write about shit I haven’t lived or at least experienced in one way or another. A true storyteller should never have to wonder where his or her next idea is coming from…your ideas should stare you in the face every time you look in the mirror.

Q: Do you accept story ideas?

A: There is no way in hell I would ever consider using another person’s story idea. Do yourself a favor and keep your great story ideas to yourself, and then write the damn thing yourself. Don’t submit your ideas to anybody. Just asking someone you don’t have that type of relationship with to consider using your idea comes across very needy and pathetic, and nobody is going to give a second look at a potential writer who isn’t willing to “go for it” without seeking out a goddamn cosigner from someone who is. And “No”, I don’t want to read or give my opinion on your poetry or short story. My opinion doesn’t matter.

Q: What are your thoughts on censorship and book banning?

A: In my opinion, the attempts made by certain organizations to censor and ban literature only secures a books place on a wall of infamy. Censorship doesn’t scare me. There are much more frightening elements of the publishing industry to be concerned about.

Q: What authors do you despise the most and which one of them, if any, would you start a fist fight with if you got the opportunity?

A: Ha! What a great question. You know, from time to time I take a look at the New York Times Bestseller list just to see if there are any writers out there who are really writing anything worth a damn. Needless to say I am never impressed with what I see; I’m even less impressed with the lack of balls behind most of these bestselling degenerates. I guess I don’t care enough about these people to technically despise them personally as much as I do their styles of writing. BUT, I most recently made an attempt to swallow an excerpt from “The Brass Verdict” by some jackass named Michael Connelly, and it was so damn putrid that I nearly jumped in my car bound for Florida just to have a Corona on the beach before assassinating that piece of shit.

Q: Can you give me some writing tips?

A: Sure. The best tip that I can give any aspiring writer is to simply not do it. Everything about the publishing business is absolute lunacy at best. Do yourself a favor and get a degree in criminal law instead. There is never going to be any shortage of people in desperate need of a solid bare-knuckle attorney. Do that and you’ll achieve the best kind of writing…signing many checks.

Q: Are Mike Adams’ books available in other languages?

A: No. Man, I’ve just barely bullshit my way through the English language now… Seriously, I would like to eventually see Toilet Bowl Soup translated & published making it more available to European countries and abroad. It is really all just a matter of timing.

Q: How can I get a personalized and/or autographed copy of one of Mike Adams’ books?

A: For a while I tried to keep some books in stock here at the house for those who inquired about autographed copies. I was responsible for sending those out personally. I soon learned that I was unable to handle that type of arrangement. There were times when I’d leave home to tour & by the time I got back I was faced with the unpleasant duty of answering a bunch of angry emails from people who were ready to hang me from a high tree! So long story short, I do not do that anymore. Your best bet is to catch me at a book signing or even in some dive bar or a fucking Wal-Mart. I’m always happy to meet new people who have in some strange way found an appreciation for what I do. I will sign your books until I am rendered completely retarded; I just cannot be responsible for doing it from my home base. Sorry.


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