Texas Beast Soup Tour: The Day Before…So much shit left to do.

Ok kids…the powers that be have strongly suggested that I get off my ass and blog a little before hitting the road tomorrow. I haven’t been out promoting my new book, Toilet Bowl Soup: The Holy Shit, as much as I would have liked to this year. BUT I’m happy as shit to be ending 2011 with a book signing in Fort Worth, Texas at the legendary Rail Club on New Years Eve! AND if getting to be there wasn’t badass enough, fucking Warbeast is playing that night! I fucking love that band, man. I’ve been a fan of Bruce Corbitt since the Rigor Mortis days. I’m really looking forward to seeing him live with Warbeast. It’s going to be a great fucking night…

So much shit left to do… I’m sitting here fucking around on the computer and I’ve got laundry to do, packing to do, road trip playlists to make, a last minute booking in Memphis (for tomorrow night!) to work out, a book signing display check list to go through, beer to drink, pussy to eat, and maybe even squeeze in a lunch! I’m fucking busy goddamnit…

So I guess I need to get started on the all of the above…laundry is still dirty and that pussy isn’t going to eat itself!

See you out there!

-Mike Adams (The Southern Indiana Monster)


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