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Gentlemen and Scholars New Song “Heater” Isn’t Very Hot [Review]

Posted in Uncategorized with tags , , , on February 27, 2013 by MIKE ADAMS

ImageGentlemen and Scholars recently released a new single entitled “Heater, which unfortunately, cuts through me right from the start due to the basis of the melody being a blatant rip off of Alice in Chains “Would.”

However, this poorly transposed pseudo-plagiarization could be the most endearing quality of this shoddy little tune, as the entire five minutes reeks of bad production, poor musicianship and sadly, there is no sign of a super-talent within the band that could be ever be salvaged for greatness on any other front.

For whatever reason, Gentlemen and Scholars, much like many bands from this area, have emerged with a sound reminiscent of the Midwestern jam band movement blended with elements of indie rock and the electric blues – this is now the painful sound of Southern Indiana. Yet, the truth is, it has very little appeal on a national level with the exception of a small segment of middle-aged, drunken barflies that will not remember the band, much less the music they play, after their hangovers subside.

You can listen to Heater by Gentlemen and Scholars, here.